About Me

Hello my name is Anne... and I like to run, find out a bit more about me. Check out my past races too.

About Me

So if you don't know... now you know (if you choose to, no pressure)

I should probably start with the fact that I am an expert in NOTHING... I think that the title of this blog says it all.  I just wanted to make sure the disclaimer was out there. I do read a lot of information about health and fitness... knowledgeable, maybe... qualified to dispense information, absolutely not.

I am also not a writer, so say what you must about my grammar and writing skills, just don't say them to me. (it will make me sad) This blog is for me to chronicle my journey and maybe meet some like minded people along the way, not for any Pulitzer. (Joseph might in fact be appalled).

I have this idea that as I am starting this blog, I am a person that runs.  I want to be a runner, I will be a runner! I am hoping that the blog, even if no one is reading, makes me more accountable. I have all these apps that keep track of all my activities so I have seen my progress through the years, but to have a written account might be something that I will either cherish or regret (publish on the internet... it exists FOR-EV-ER)

I have been reading some runner blogs and although they are so inspiring and I will not stop following them, I haven't been able to find any blogs about where I feel like I am... at the beginning.

I am a New England girl through and through… minus the fact that I immensely dislike being cold. I heart Boston, and my life and friends are here, but I could be swayed to move to a warmer climate.

Born and raised in MA (Boston Strong) happily living in the outskirts of the Boston Area happily with my… my Gavin (we are engaged, but for some reason I don’t like the F word).  

My reason for wanting to run always stems from my desire to drop the lbs… but I sign up for a race and get hooked. The excited energy of each race is just amazing, running is a sport that can be all about you and singular, but there is something about a crowd of 300 to 25,000 people around you all with the same goal, to cross the finish line.

Ras na hEireann U.S.A. 5K (3/10/13) 

FYI… the weight loss journey vicious cycle with me, and so it continues. I love to eat and I love craft beer, enough said? Ugh… My 20s man, looking back, I wasn't happy with myself then either but what I wouldn't give for some of that metabolism back! 

As part of my weight loss mission, I have been a member of SparkPeople since June 2010, at which time I lost 20 lbs!! It is a great site, so much information, community support, and trackers (both calorie and fitness) I let myself get caught up in the points you gain by being active, I love a good game so I made the most of gaining points.

Unfortunately a bout with plantar fasciitis scared me away from running for a while.  When I am not working out the need to watch what I eat lessens.  It is inevitable for each January to be gym start over time... it doesn't take long for that endurance to leave you, every year I wonder why I let myself lose momentum.  I feel so much better when I am working out, it is hard to make time for the 9 to 5, a social life (which these days... minimal), and my addiction to TV... oh by the way, I watch WAY too much television! 

Someone is a bit better at taking pictures than the other... Gavin and I both ran the Run to Home Base. I ran it in 2011 and Gavin ran in 2012.  Such a great event and cause. The Red Sox, Fenway Park host the is race to raise money and awareness for the Home Base Program at Mass General Hospital. They help veterans with PTSD and brain trauma. Also, I was able to run across home plate at Fenway Park!! 

So much more to come... If I give up all there is to know about me here, there would be no need for the blog posts. So go to my home(page) and see where I am at.