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Monday, May 12, 2014

Boston Run Revisited

When I was training for my half last year, Gavin agreed to hit the Esplanade in Boston with me.  Honestly I hadn't invested in proper gear at that point. I was still running in old school gym shorts and lets just say there was some friction in an uncomfortable place. I made it 5 miles and I was not a happy camper.
My new favorite site, Gavin and I (Source)

This year my compression capri's have made all the difference in the world. I was always scared to go out in public in tight pants, I have never been one to accentuate my shapes.  They might not be a fashion statement but they really are comfortable.

Running along the Charles River is so nice and there are so many other runners and people out there exercising. People watching and motivation all in wrapped up into one place.

The unfortunate thing about this run is that my watch was low on battery and I went to plug in as soon as it was trying to transfer the information, the watch froze and I lost my data.  I logged in Runkeeper before losing it though, 7.01 Miles in 1:19:55. So far a personal best for that distance.

What's not to love about this view?!?!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lynn Shore Drive Run

Gavin and I have been exploring new places to run in the area. We try to take advantage the fact that we live so close to the ocean, when we can.

It wasn't my best run, I took a few breaks.  Turns out that they are doing construction on Nahant Beach so the sidewalk ends.  You have to run on the beach and then up a sandy rocky but small hill in order to get to the Tides parking lot. Then Gavin has a brilliant idea of running round Little Nahant... I am alright with slow grade hills, there was nothing slow about this little island and somehow it was all up hill. Doesn't seem possible, but I am almost positive that it was.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Energize the Earth

The third annual Energize the Earth 5K, also our third year running it. I was also my PR 5K and I really wanted to beat it. The weather was cold and rainy, I was bundled up after being freezing at the race in Somerville a month earlier I didn't want to take my chances. Also, my Garmin Forerunner didn't feel like picking up the satellites that day. I had pockets in my jacket so I brought my new phone and tracked the race on my trusty Runkeeper app. Which I forgot about after crossing the finish line.

We had a lot more friends running with us this year, Gavin of course took off at the start.  I hung back and my friend became my carrot, until I caught up with her at about the first mile marker and we ran together for mile 2.  Mile third mile, I took off, hearing the voice cues from the runkeeper lady I had to step up my game or I was not going to beat my PR. I am not going to lie my training hadn't been as diligent as last year, I started about 2 months later. So I was pushing it to finish this one.  Oh and I hadn't mentioned it, I spent 11 hours shooting a wedding the Friday before, which means my body was beaten up

My official time... 33:22 (my PR is still 33:05)

My new Boston Strong Bic Band came in the mail just in time, so that made everything better!

Post Race Photo

Also, I found this relic!!