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Monday, July 29, 2013

Running Gods Smiled

This morning the running gods smiled on me.  Best run I have had in over 2 weeks.

No one said it would be easy but it can be rewarding if you can get past the fumbles. This past week i have felt defeated by the prospect of running a half in October, "What did I get myself into?" Now I am a bit behind in my training program according to Hal Higdon, but not so much that I will let it get me down.

I am very excited about the 10K this Sunday, it is practically in my back yard. Going over the bridge and back might not be great, but it has to be better than the Gansett Run.

This morning I was watching the Today Show and Gone Baby Gone, to say I was a bit over stimulated is an understatement. As a girl with ADD that is the best way to keep me going. I have already admitted to be a total crybaby (Here is a question, does cardio enhance emotions?)  There was a story entitled Dream Wedding, which perked my interest as Gavin and I are planning on tying the knot some time in the near-ish future. I should have known that this story was going to be a tear jerker. A San Francisco couple was getting married before the bride died of terminal cancer. The strength of both bride and groom is astounding and if it doesn't make you tear up, take your breath away and not take advantage of the life you have all at once, I don't know what will. Heart breaking and inspiring all at the same time. The whole thing really made me pick up my pace, I should just consider having The Notebook on repeat when I start on my long runs.

My attempt at taking a picture of a double rainbow... not sure you really get the effect.

Workout: TM 3.15 miles / 34 minutes

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gym or Sauna?

I showed up to the gym this morning and should have left immediately and taken my running to the streets.  It was hotter and steamier in the gym than it was outside.  For anyone that has been in the Northeast in the past month knows that this summer hasn't let up on the heat waves. (not a complaint, FYI) I did a measly (mumble) on the TM and some strength training and left.

It has sparked some ideas: Time to start a challenge! I have been extra lazy with cross training... lets face it I have been extra lazy with most things.  With 67 days and counting it is time to step up my game.

My fitness/cross training challenge is to do "A Plank a Day" even on off days and even when I am sitting in front of the "most dramatic finale of the Bachelorette EVER!"

In other news if you live in the area (Salem, MA) and want delicious food and drinks! Opus!! Oh and a chill atmosphere...

who doesn't love a light up bar! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gansett Running Festival... I would do it again, with company

So my ill prepared 10k went better than expected. (Mind over matter)

We crossed the start line at 9:35 am so I am using my time minus 5 minutes.  That gives me a finish time of of 1:10:31.

A whahoo is in orderd... Whahoo! I wasn't concentrating on the time the entire run.  There was a bit of a last minute change with the event officials and they changed where the start line was so I am not sure exactly how accurate the markers for the 10K was, but my focus most of the time was getting to the second lap, the finish line and most importantly staying hydrated.  I have said before I don't like to stop at the water stations, but when it is 80 plus degrees I made it a priority and I sipped that water even if it meant walking a bit (not going to lie, it was a welcomed break.) Plus I hate causing myself to choke, and it is inevitable.

I also didn't carry my phone for the first time in a while, I just knew that between the heat and the distance I would get fed up easily.  I think this is a sign that the GPS watch is necessary.

I started out strong, the course was a loop around the campus once for the 5Kers and twice for the 10Kers I didn't think I would like it but once I (finally) made it to the second lap it was kind of nice knowing how much more there would be. They had us run past up the most annoying hill 3 times, I visited Stonehill back in  early 20s when I knew people going to school there and I didn't remember steep hills, but I am here to tell you one exists.

What goes up must come down, so when I was coming down the hill to start my second lap I was able to pass this couple that had managed to run the entire thing up to that point.  I spent most of the race up to the half way point behind them marveling at their ability to just keep going. Since I had already fallen short of "running" the whole thing I was truly impressed and a bit disappointed with myself. I couldn't help but comment on how great I thought they were.  Although, then my social anxiety kicked in and I realized now that I made that comment I could potentially keep their pace for the rest of the race and did they really want me running with them?  Would we become besties and find lots of things to talk about while we all commiserate over the heat? No, instead I made it more or less awkward and sped past them.  I had a second wind knowing that there were less than 3 miles to go.  That last lap felt pretty good!

I made that last/third effort to make it up the hill and and rounded the corner to the finish line where some very unflattering pictures were taken of me. I like to envision myself like this:

When in reality, I looked like this... 

The best thing about crossing the finish line other than being done, was Yasso, the frozen yogurt bar people had a truck with FREE Samples.  I love free things! I honed in on the coconut flavor and hobbled ran away. I was alone, Gavin had better things to do that day, like sleep, and didn't make the ride 45 minutes south to watch me jaunt past him 3 times in the course of an hour and not be able to have even one beer.  They only had beer for runners, because giving beer to the most dehydrated group makes the most sense. I snagged a water bottle and all the snacks and juice I could carry and wondered back to my car. Second favorite freebie, Kind (maker of organic nutrition bars) makes the most amazing coconut almond bar! (I think you can tell I like coconut by now)

So with the goal to be more like the couple I saw I quickly signed up for 10K number 2.  Here I come Bridge and Back 10K in my neighboring town of Salem, MA! This time even if Gavin doesn't want to get up for the 8am start time he can meet me at 9:30 for some breakfast.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bad Blogger...

I must apologize life has gotten away from me.  Work is crazy and photo editing has taken up the rest of my life, and sleep is very important to me.

Summer is also a crazy busy time of year for gatherings and all that so I have had many social commitments on top of all of it. 

When I have photos to edit, I tend to put everything else on the back burner when I am home.  I also have major guilt if I am doing anything else. Hence, my lack of blogging. 

Adobe Lightroom is my best friend these days

My cat is an ace with emailing! 

Workout: TM 2.6 miles / 30  minutes (Lookout 10K here I come! -- please note full sarcasm)

Marchesani Images

Friday, July 12, 2013

Competitive... against myself

Workout: week 1 of Ripped in 30

Work up and did a Jillian video this AM. It is great for strength, jumping part of the new sensation HIIT (High Intensity Ingerval Training). Now I want to take a nap, so I think it worked!

When I sign up for a "race" it never occurs to me to try and win... funny thought, I am not sure that that will ever be me. I know where I am physically. No matter how I will raise my Lactate Threshold or possibly increase my VO2 max, I don't ever see that as being my goal. The pure adrenaline of running with a group of people for a collective goal, to finish, which leads to the feeling of accomplisment.

I can be a competitive person, I get excited when I can guess correctly on Trivia Pursuit and I don't play Pictonary because 60 seconds is not enough time to craft my masterpiece. I get more frustrated when I can't do something than if I don't win, (eg, Baseball on the PS2). When it comes to running, I want to beat myself.  I am very impressed with people that run a sub 7 minute mile, but I succeed to them in a race. I am willing to take my tail back to the 11 minute mile corral.

My current 5K PR is 33:05, now this is something I want to improve. My PR for 5 miles is 54:18 and my only 9K (5.58 miles) was at 1:03:16. I am going to estimate that my 10K will be around 1:10:xx, closer to my 9K time than based on the estimates that my 5K gives me.

If you go onto RunnersWorld.com they give you estimates based on your race times.

  • 1500 meters: 9:14 (not sure when I would need to run this distance)
  • 1 mile: 9:54 (surprising)
  • 3K: 19:15 (another strange distance)
  • 5K: 33:05 
  • 5 miles: 54:47 (very close to one of my previous times)
  • 10K: 1:08:59 (not sure I will hit this, but it is close to my estimate)
  • 10 miles: 1:54:13
  • Half: 2:32:11 
  • 26.2 miles: 5:17:18 (still not sure I want to take on this many miles at once)

I don't feel 100% confident about this upcoming 10K, but it is my first and a good way to set the bar!

For graduation... not sure which one, someone gave me this journal and I haven't done anything with it yet. It has now officially become my running log. I like to actually write my ideas down before they go onto the computer. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clean Eating... well within reason

Workout: TM 2.3 miles / 25 minutes (sad face)

After the the week of the 4th (the past 2 months) I have come to the conclusion that i have been on a see-food and drink diet. It really has to stop! It has made me feel so sick to eat and drink whatever I want or maybe was just in front of my face (will power is not a strength of mine). I have paid the price for indulging in all things yummy and I am taking a break.

I made a self proclamation on Monday to eat as much whole and unprocessed food as possible.  So far so good, it might have just been bloat, but i am already down 2+ lbs in 3 days. Eating for fuel and not for excess is making my stomach sooo much happier. I am not going to keep from eating things that I want, but I think there needs to be some sort of portion control included. Knowing how all of that made my stomach feel and feeling so much better without it makes me want it less...

Tomorrow is an elliptical day.

I will leave you with some happy thoughts!

 We spent a day on the Vineyard this past weekend with friends. I miss the Vineyard already! 
I think this should still count as whole food... I can see the cows the milk comes from!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Crazy Week, Happy Independence Day!

I promise I have not fallen off the face of the blogosphere.  I have just been crazy busy, work has been busy and this past weekend I shot a wedding, 2 year old twin boys and my buddy Jack turned 3 so I couldn’t miss that.  Camera in hand for all the events! So much editing to do and not enough time.
IMG_20130629_115705[1] This is pretty accurate! (terribly unflattering… but sums it up)
Weddings alone take a lot out of me, but to get up early the next day to take more pictures… I needed a vacation from my weekend.
Which brings me to the 4th of July!
IMG_20130704_130124[1]IMG_20130704_142239[1]IMG_20130704_143247[1] Hope everyone had a great Holiday!!
Less than 14 weeks until the Half. 12 week training program starts in a little over a week and 2 weeks until my first 10K.
Workout 6/29: 4.43 miles / 54 minutes (outside, sweaty beast above is the aftermath)
Workout 7/3: 3.1 miles / 33 minutes.