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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday FunDay's for Running

With a new pep in his step Gavin is volunteering to run with me outside! This weekend we parked in Cambridge and ran along the Charles River for a little change  of scenery and a relatively flat training ground.

I started out great and about 4 miles in I realized that the shorts I had chosen has very irritating seams. Not to get into too much detail, but I made it to 5 miles and change but had to cut the run short, walking back to the car was not great. Gavin of course kept running, I was so impressed for a guy that hasn't been out running in a while.

Running along the Charles is so nice, there was a great breeze and always something to look at, even if it is just to people watch.  There is no shortage of scenery, the Cambridge skyline on the first leg and the Boston Skyline on the second.  The other great thing about it at least the course we took, is there is rarely a need to stop for traffic.

It was nice having a running buddy.

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