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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Running Bug has Biten

Gavin has the opportunity to run the "Mini Marathon" in San Jose along with my half. He is also currently waiting for his new job to start and feeling a bit antsy... maybe. He has been all about going out for runs with me, and for a guy that has taken about 3 months off from the gym, I am very impressed.

He was able to run almost 4 miles his first time out and then almost 6 the time after that. Too much too soon could have gotten the better of him, because the next 2 runs were not as long.  It has been a great motivational force for me in my "training" (I say in quotes because it is more about when I feel like running or guilt that I have a half to run and need to step up my game).  Running with someone really does make a huge difference, I even don't mind running without music.

After the Half... I will be working on speed.

Now that I have my Garmin I don't need to carry my phone with me on runs to track myself. This results in less pictures, which makes me sad.  I love pictures, even when they are a bit shaky from taking them while running.

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