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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zombies, Run!

So one of the things that kept me busy this winter was binge eating watching. I managed to catch up on Walking Dead and love it! (Orange is the New Black and Chuck were also on the list) Netflix is really a productivity killer, but I am not sure I will ever give it up.

In previous years the changing of the calendar and the thought of spring really gave me that push to hit the gym after a long holiday season. The whole month of February was consumed with the move, knowing that my January was a wash, with the though, I will just start back when the move is over.

I have been working on trying to motivate myself and after my many hours sucked into the life of Rick Grimes and others, I wondered if I should look into those Zombie running apps the kids are talking about these days. I went over all the reviews and found Zombies, Run!  and while they are running a new years special I snatched up for the bargain price of $3.99 on iTunes.

After reading all the reviews I was planning for a few glitches, but it seems that they were all written so long ago that the creators/developers have worked out the bugs. So far so good, I don't use the GPS feature because I run with my iPod on a treadmill (for now) and not my phone. I have turned on the accelerometer and although it could use a little calibration I have no complaints.

The story is distracting and keeps my ADD brain entertained enough and it shuffles my songs in between the "transmissions from Abel Township". After your run you see all the things you have collected and you can build up the town. I am currently on season 1 episode 7 and definitely think I will stick with it for the long "run".

Today's Run: Random Hill Mode Treadmill - 30 minutes 2.64 miles, workout 2 of my 10K training program

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