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Friday, May 2, 2014

Energize the Earth

The third annual Energize the Earth 5K, also our third year running it. I was also my PR 5K and I really wanted to beat it. The weather was cold and rainy, I was bundled up after being freezing at the race in Somerville a month earlier I didn't want to take my chances. Also, my Garmin Forerunner didn't feel like picking up the satellites that day. I had pockets in my jacket so I brought my new phone and tracked the race on my trusty Runkeeper app. Which I forgot about after crossing the finish line.

We had a lot more friends running with us this year, Gavin of course took off at the start.  I hung back and my friend became my carrot, until I caught up with her at about the first mile marker and we ran together for mile 2.  Mile third mile, I took off, hearing the voice cues from the runkeeper lady I had to step up my game or I was not going to beat my PR. I am not going to lie my training hadn't been as diligent as last year, I started about 2 months later. So I was pushing it to finish this one.  Oh and I hadn't mentioned it, I spent 11 hours shooting a wedding the Friday before, which means my body was beaten up

My official time... 33:22 (my PR is still 33:05)

My new Boston Strong Bic Band came in the mail just in time, so that made everything better!

Post Race Photo

Also, I found this relic!! 

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