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Friday, April 4, 2014

Band Wagon... I think I am figuring this nutrition thing out

First off, let me say Happy Home Opener to the Boston Red Sox!!! (I am a proud hometown team supporter. Don't hate me, I grew up here! Also they are Awesome!)

A couple shots of Gavin and I experiencing the Run To Home Base 9K

Running and losing weight has been tricky these days, (since I approached my 30s).  Balancing my calories and also fueling my body for longer runs has alluded me. Now I am not hitting any earth shattering weight loss numbers yet, I feel like I am making progress doing both calorie counting and I have really hit my stride with running. (Again nothing earth shattering, but my runs have been strong thus far)

If I stay around 1600 calories for the days I run I think I still have the energy to run 5 miles or cross train but create enough of a deficit to lose weight.

I will keep plugging away at it, I am feeling really good about my running lately.

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