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Monday, April 14, 2014

Castle Island Running

Gavin has been very excited about running as much as possible lately. He has discovered how nice it is to run around Castle Island in Southie. So we drive down and run around the loop as many times as possible.

This was my contribution. He of course went around almost 4 times. It is a little over 2 miles each loop.  Running in circles is not usually my thing, but when the ocean is all around you for a majority of the run, it makes up for it. Also, the people watching is never really a disappointment.

A little faster than last week's run, but also a little shorter

My view while streching

Looking forward to seeing leaves on the tree

 The past few weeks there has been a lot more coverage of Marathon events, memorials, and celebrations of life. It might seem weird since I wasn't at the finish line last year, but it has still been emotional reliving that week of events from Monday to the Friday capture of the bombers. I had a hard time walking past an MIT Police car without getting a bit choked up.

I will say it is inspiring to hear survivor stories and see all the Boston Strong gear in support. Running around Castle Island I can't help but stare at peoples' T-shirts to see what sort of positive message people have put out into the world.

That  being said, I can barely run 13.1 miles at this point and don't know if I will ever have the opportunity to run the illustrious Boston Marathon, but for anyone who might see this here is what the State Police have put out in regards to what the runners should and shouldn't bring with them.

I am hoping to see some runners this year, as I am attending the Red Sox game again.  So excited, but if I can't see a police cruiser without getting emotional. I might need my fannypack full or tissues.

And lastly... 

Look I found Spring! 

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