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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't you hate when life gets in the way?

Things have been a bit hectic in my life... and I feel like it isn't even my life that has caused the chaos. Gavin has been on a job hunt.  He found a new job but had to pass a personal lines insurance licensing test. One would imagine with the TV off for a whole week I would have plenty of time to blog... nope, when I take on other people's stress (sympathetic stress-er, that's me!) I find television very comforting.  Retreating into other/mind numbing entertainment really makes everything fade away.

My first adventure to Duxbury Beach with my friends

Good news is with 5 days of intense studying, he has passed and gets to move forward with the job training.

My television watching hasn't kept me from the training schedule, if only my runs at week 8 were as long as Hal has indicated they should be. So if you run on the days that you are supposed to but don't go the distance, seems like only half the battle.

FYI, Starz new period drama The White Queen... already hooked after one episode. If you don't like a bunch of people in costume running around without any for of technology and British accents, this is not your bag!

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