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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 9

Last night I wanted to make sure to run at least what Hal had suggested. To my surprise, I felt pretty good the whole outing I felt really good. (I think I am going to stop saying "run" I think most people would consider my movement a slow jaunt) When I am outside I feel like my pace is faster than it really is.  If I am comfortable I guess it doesn't matter my pace, it just matters that I am going... right?

The Salem 10K really rejuvenated my positive mentality about the Half.  My "can do" attitude has been in full swing for a whole 3 days, I will keep you posted on how long that lasts. 
Oh the finish line photos...I have had worse.

And for a tidbit of wisdom I feel the need to bestow: Don't go to Target hungry! You will only end up with a much more full cart. 

Last Nights Workout: 3.69 m / 43 minutes (goal per Hal, 3.5 miles)

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