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Monday, August 5, 2013

Salem's Bridge & Back 10K, Fantastic!

I learned a lesson, that when I dread a run, that usually means it will be a better run.  I just think back to all the runs that I could have had that I dreaded so much I talked myself out of going. 

It was definitely a smaller race, but managed really well after a little confusion about where the start line was everything was smooth sailing from there. For only $25 and I received a tech T-shirt and 2 Sam Adams draft tickets. 

The coarse was beautiful from Historic Salem across the Bridge to Beverly Waterfront and then back across the bridge to see move of Salem again.  So these are places that I spend a lot of my time. In fact I ran past a beach that I went back to lay out on later that day.  It is rare that I see these places at 8 in the morning. The weather was perfect, dry cool 70s. What a difference a few degrees makes! 

Me hanging out in the back of the pack, where I stayed. 11th from the end! 
These two ladies were nice enough to let me run with them for a while and I even learned a little bit about pacing and running form.  I felt like I owed her a trainer fee.  Once we hit the first incline of the bridge they were off. 

 The race was for the Boys and Girls Club of Salem, so the support along the course was actually really great. Plenty of people cheering and directing and three water stations.  Even though I was holding up the end of the pack I felt like people were still cheering me on. Not to mention running with this view and salty sea air was so invigorating.

 Since I finished 11th to last out of 335 people I don't really have to tell you that my time wasn't stellar, but I ran the whole thing and I actually feel better about this one than the Gansett run.

Also, Yasso was there again!! If they are the new standard at the end of road races, I want to do more!

I definitely want to do the Bridge and Back again, and try for a spot in the last 25 people. 

Final time: 1:13:50 (I trust this time a bit more since I crossed the timer on the start line and at the finish.) 

Post race hydration?!?!?
2013 so far! With 4 more races on the docket. 
Hit the beach post race! 

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