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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gym or Sauna?

I showed up to the gym this morning and should have left immediately and taken my running to the streets.  It was hotter and steamier in the gym than it was outside.  For anyone that has been in the Northeast in the past month knows that this summer hasn't let up on the heat waves. (not a complaint, FYI) I did a measly (mumble) on the TM and some strength training and left.

It has sparked some ideas: Time to start a challenge! I have been extra lazy with cross training... lets face it I have been extra lazy with most things.  With 67 days and counting it is time to step up my game.

My fitness/cross training challenge is to do "A Plank a Day" even on off days and even when I am sitting in front of the "most dramatic finale of the Bachelorette EVER!"

In other news if you live in the area (Salem, MA) and want delicious food and drinks! Opus!! Oh and a chill atmosphere...

who doesn't love a light up bar! 

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