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Friday, July 5, 2013

Crazy Week, Happy Independence Day!

I promise I have not fallen off the face of the blogosphere.  I have just been crazy busy, work has been busy and this past weekend I shot a wedding, 2 year old twin boys and my buddy Jack turned 3 so I couldn’t miss that.  Camera in hand for all the events! So much editing to do and not enough time.
IMG_20130629_115705[1] This is pretty accurate! (terribly unflattering… but sums it up)
Weddings alone take a lot out of me, but to get up early the next day to take more pictures… I needed a vacation from my weekend.
Which brings me to the 4th of July!
IMG_20130704_130124[1]IMG_20130704_142239[1]IMG_20130704_143247[1] Hope everyone had a great Holiday!!
Less than 14 weeks until the Half. 12 week training program starts in a little over a week and 2 weeks until my first 10K.
Workout 6/29: 4.43 miles / 54 minutes (outside, sweaty beast above is the aftermath)
Workout 7/3: 3.1 miles / 33 minutes.


  1. The summer is always so fun, but so exhausting! I'm with you on that one for sure. I'm excited to hear about your first 10K! Which one are you doing? I just did the Finish at the 50 10K at Gillette. Super duper hot out but very fun!

    Riley @ fiveleveninety

  2. That sounds like fun, I think I looked at that one! the Naragansett Summer Running Festival, it is at the Stonehill College Campus. I am feeling a little under prepared.