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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Following a plan...

Workout: 2.42 miles / 26 Minutes TM

Go Bruins! (I don't watch hockey but I am all about the home team)... not a band wagon statement, just supportive.

So I decided that I should try and use a training plan for the half marathon I was using Hal Higdon's Novice plan, but in an effort to increase my speed a bit I am doing a training program for a sub 60 minute 10K.  I think part of my problem is time, oh how the 9-5 gets in the way of life... and yet pays for my life so I keep it!

Between weekend plans and me not getting up early enough for me to put in the miles I should do according to the plan, I have been slacking.

Makes me wonder, is it better to follow a plan or to listen to your body and work up to the proper mileage?

This weekend was my company family fun day! Gavin and I had a BLAST at Canobie Lake Park. I like roller coasters and thrill rides and so does he so we are like little kids when we are there. 

We also found the Zoltar machine, "I want to be BIG" if you don't get it... (sad face) 

So I put in about 15000 steps, I didn't get a workout in. 

Sunday was fathers day and I am a daddy's girl so we have a tradition to go out to breakfast at the same place every year. Now that my niece/sister (my rents are raising her) is part of the father's day celebration there is an effort to entertain her as well as my dad. (She was not thrilled with the breakfast) So we headed off to Kimball's Farms! Holy bananas, Batman have they grown into their own version of a theme park. 

We started at the arcade, had some ice cream, dad and D went to see an animal show while I went to hit a bucket of balls a the range. Then there were bumper boats!! Man did we have a great day. 

My dad and I circa... 1988ish

D and I, not at Kimball's but it takes a lot to get her in a picture. 

Oh and I was not feeling my run today... not feeling great about it, not to be a downer, it is on the training program so I can check it off.  I just should have done it in a different order. 

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