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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Turning into a Negative Nance... no y necessary.

Oh NO!! I only have 103 days left until my half! I am kind of freaking out... So far since I started running again in 2013 my PDR (personal distance record) is 5 miles, I need to double that.  I have just over 14 weeks and Hal Higdon's novice half training program is 12... I guess I am not under the gun just yet. (although, I am feeling that way.) I made the mistake when I felt like I had some extra time to try and train for a sub 60 minute 10K.  according to that... I am way under the gun.

I let the training plans get the better of me. I know I have said this before, but are they really worth it?  If I run 4 days a week, and make sure I listen to my body, working my distance up as I go, how necessary is the training program?

Something I do need to come to terms with is my speed and just know that if I stick with a steady running schedule speed will come.

I have a 10K scheduled for less than a month away, so at least that will get me up to 6.2 miles.

I have this feeling that I am stressing too much and putting too much pressure on myself.  I beat myself up when I don't hit the goal I set for myself that day.

Sometimes I wonder, how do people make their long run days work?

Ok, so life has gotten the best of me on my Sundays, and I really should be training on Sundays.

Must train more, relax more and JUST DO IT!

I obviously cannot just post something and leave it alone... edit # 3 (maybe)

I will leave you with this little nugget of wisdom from SkinnyRunner.

"You can focus on how much you have left or how much you've accomplished. Either way it doesn't change your fitness, just your perspective"  (well said and I need to keep reminding myself of that) Just keep on keeping on and the miles will come.

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