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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nike+ Fails or Rewards

Workout: 5.07 miles / 55 minutes

Only 8.03 miles more and I would have been able to run 13.1 miles!

Today I just felt like running!

I started using earndit.com  as a suggestion from a  co-Sparker  I love a good bargain. (Christmas Tree Shop jingle insert here) If you don't know it... oh so sad.

It syncs with all kinds of different apps including runkeeper.com, as a user I figured, can't go wrong.  I went wrong... it doesn't count manually entered data, and since I have been using a treadmill, manual entry is my only option. The other option that I could potentially use is the Nike+ for my ipod. I had it on my sneaks a few years ago and was too lazy to take it out stepped in a puddle and the rest was history.

Or not as history as I thought, it works! (I swear it wasn't working last time I tried to use it) What a difference time makes when it comes to electronics and water.

I used it this morning so that I could rack up some points, it definitely needs to re-calibrated, but this was not the morning to mess with it.  So while the treadmill had me at 5.07 miles, the Nike+ had 5.7, oopsies!  Is it my fault that they are willing to take my false reading vs the accurate manual entry?  I don't think so!

One of the kids, our Audrey. (Just for fun) She has Gavin wrapped around her left front paw. 

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