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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It has become an Obsession

I have signed up for my first half, which inspired me to start this blog as the few of you reading my know.
Saturday I booked the flight to San Jose, where the Rock’n’Roll  (aka my very first) Half Marathon will take place.  This is getting real!

Workout: 3.42 miles / 37 minutes

Although I haven’t hit any significant distances why am I obsessed with  running more of them, I am so close to signing up for a second that I am starting to worry about my sanity.

Today is National Running Day, I actually planned so that running was in my schedule for today. Also, to celebrate the big day, the good people over at RnR have decided to give out $20 off your next race if you sign up today. I am on the verge.  I have been eyeing the Savannah one for weeks (Love that city), but it is pretty much a month after my first and I feel like that just might be too soon. Not to mention the logistics of getting down there and staying over. (The official Kibosh!)

That leaves St Pete, FL (2/9/2014) which would be a great winter get away or Washington, DC (3/15/2014) I am leaning towards DC. I can drive there, I have family a few hours away, and when I did my internship in DC I would run along the Potomac and LOVED every minute of it, even taking my lazy butt back home on the Metro. Lastly, Gavin might actually be able to take time off to go down with me.

Me being as touristy as possible! (I think I nailed the look)
Places I would love to run by… and I used to run by.
OK, so the MLK Jr Memorial didn’t exist in the days I interned there, but you can see TJ in the distance.
550289_10152215756865220_1247681565_n 576510_10152215755875220_1580275455_n
Do you think it is too soon to commit to something that far in advance?  Plus, what if I hate the whole half experience?

Even if the first one sucks they can only get better, right?

In other news I signed up for my first 10K the other day, part of the Narragansett Running Festival. Now if you are thinking the town in Rhode Island or the arch nemesis of my high school in field hockey team you would be mistaken. It is the beer company and I did it more for the after party than the actual run… although if I had known it was 2 loops around the Stonehill College campus.I might not have signed up. I get bored easily so looking at the same thing twice might not be as much fun as I thought.

Last obsession is the Ragnar Relay on the Cape.  I volunteered at it this past year where I managed to get a black eye.  (stunning self photography)

As much as I promise people not to share my black eye misfortune I can’t seem to get 11 other people as excited as I am to run 3 separate legs of 5-7 miles overnight through the mean streets of Cape Cod. Go Figure! (And when I say mean streets of the Cape, I am referring to the wild turkeys, I  hear they can really eff you up!) 12 people, 2 vans, 2 days and 1 night of running, what else could you ask for?  Oh and from what I saw, a whole bunch of crazy.

Look at the swag! (They double as bottle openers)

Who is with me? It is the first weekend in May 2014 SOOO much time to train.


  1. Welcome to the obsession! I've always wanted to do a relay-type race. Sounds fun!

  2. Thank you, glad to be here!

    I signed up to receive updates about the Ragnar Relay and I have some friends that have done Reach the Beach up in NH. I will definitely be posting updates when I get them.