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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Victory Cry

More like a theme, or better yet and anthem!

Workout: 4.16 miles / 45 minutes TM

I have an affinity for 80s soundtracks, my iPod is full of them. Top Gun, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, St Elmo's Fire, tend to be on every playlist I make. After a nice relaxed run and I was starting my cool down the Top Gun Anthem came on my iPod. (My life would not be the same without the shuffle feature) It was almost as if my ipod knew i had completed my goal and I myself was being inducted into the fighter pilot elite. (I am almost positive my ipod knows better.)

I have a codependent relationship with my ipod, there are very few places it doesn't go with me. I charge it, keep it full of audio and it makes sure I am entertained at all times. (It was even clutch when my phone died/jammed on April 15th in Boston, I was able to find wifi and get messages to friends and family) If I don't have it or it isn't charged enough, my workout will be rescheduled.

Depending on my surroundings dictates how loud my ear buds are. At the gym, full blast, I am hardly in the mood to be social. Outside, usually I just want to hear it but also be aware of my surroundings, getting run over isn't high on my list of things to do.  I also like to be able to hear the nice things going on around me like, the surf on the beach or birds chirping.

Me waiting patiently to walk across home plate after the Run to Homebase 2011 (notice the armband, I took the ipod out so I could take pictures inside the park)

I also made a special playlist for this run. (My Hero - Foo Fighters comes to mind)

I know Apple has algorithms to play songs that you listen to more than others, sometimes frustrating when I am in the mood for something I haven't heard in a while, but I comes in handy.  Sometimes I think it knows exactly what I am in the mood for. Some might chalk it up to my brilliant ability to put together a playlist. (Gavin might disagree, since he is always asking me to tweek his gym mix, I say, "if you don't like Holding out for a Hero for the 50th time, then you should take it off your list.")

I take pride in my playlists, if and when we hire a DJ (Most likely we will for our wedding) that poor person is just going to get a list of songs to play and a whole lot of "Do Not Play."

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