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Friday, June 7, 2013

The joys of Summer TV

I am a total TV nerd and I have plenty of guilty pleasures.  I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy a good weight loss show. I am a long time fan of the Biggest Loser.  I guess ABC has joined the game but I am only just finding out about Extreme Weight Loss.  I like the fact that Chris Powell guides people for 365 days and there isn’t any one getting kicked out of the ranch. Who really needs, in my best Allie Sweeney voice, “A quarter of a million dollars”?


I was practically balling in my salad last night when I was watching the latest episode with Meredith, and her struggles with being put up for adoption.  I am not adopted, as much as my sister tried to convince me I was as a kid, I am just over emotional for people I have never met before.  As part of her journey to lose weight the trainer signed her up for a full marathon.  I was so inspired by her!  Still not sure a full in in the cards for me, but it definitely made my run this AM way easier. Not only did she run it with weight yet to lose, but she had a torn meniscus.


Workout:  TM 4.04 miles / 44 minutes


Then since it was National Donut Day (apparently June is full of National ‘Pick a thing to celebrate’ Days) I found myself the beneficiary of a free donut, what am I going to do just throw away food?



37 days until the 10K

120 days until the Half

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