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Friday, May 17, 2013

600 miles + My Mom = One happy camper!

I know that sneakers have an expiration date, but I was in denial due to the cost of shoes. (Not only am I on a budget but kind of a cheapskate… product of being on a budget.) I can’t be too disappointed my current New Balance (that I picked up for cheap at the New Balance Outlet in Lawrence MA) gave me over 600 miles.  Probably way more, I record the amount of time I spend running on them but have no idea how much walking I have done in them.  So when all is said and done, I have really pushed them to the extreme. 

I shouldn’t have been shocked when my feet started showing signs of plantar fasciits again.  I ran into this problem before when I didn’t want to part with the previous kicks. Pattern, yes… did I register the connection that getting new sneaks solved the problem last time, of course not.  I was just going to make them last until my budget allowed for a new pair.  BIG MISTAKE!!

I decided that going for a run after my foot already hurt was a great idea… why would I want to mess with my training schedule???  Well now I am benched for a week… really not in the mood to aggravate the tendons in my foot more than I have.  I have been stretching and making sure not to walk barefoot. I have been icing every night, so far so much better. 

I am not completely out of the game; it might even be a blessing that I have to find new ways of exercising without putting too much pressure on my feet.

In Wednesday’s post I said there would be cross training (turns out if I publish things to the interwebs, even if no one is reading… it keeps me accountable) So there was cross training, I hit the stationary bike at my gym!  25 minutes of cycling, stretching and weights.  Alright so I didn’t go full out on the bike, but I still felt it. My cross training most definitely lacks pizazz, I will work on that. There seems to be a consensus that the running or bust theory isn’t the way to improve said running.

This morning I did some Pilates.  There are things that can be done when your feet are impaired.  I was actually going to take today off from working out.  Not that Pilates really took a lot out of me, but I will feel it tomorrow.  Running needs core strength, right!

So where does my mom fit into the equation?
Hello early birthday present!  My new sneakers are in the works.  She bought me a gift card to Marathon Sports!! (Happy chair dancing!!)  I would insert a ‘selfie’ of me with a huge smile, but no one wants to see that!

There is a slight hiccup in the plan since we live on different coasts, and they didn’t give her an option to drop ship (I happen to know a thing or two about shipping logistics). So it will go to her and then she will send it back to me.  My foot is on the mend anyway… so what is the rush? I am going to hit up Target and get some insoles in the meantime…  (I have the hardest time thinking or saying Target without some sort of French accent, if that is even how a French person would say it)

I am super excited for them to do the whole foot/running analysis.  (I have heard horror stories about peoples’ feet getting more messed up by analysis, but I trust these people.)  There are rave reviews and I like the idea of having a shoe almost prescribed rather than just kind of guessing…  And don’t get me started on all the times I just bought a sneaker because I liked the look of it! Hoping I don’t walk out of there with ‘grandma’ shoes, which is in all the reviews.

I will keep you posted on my experience whenever it happens.

I will leave you with a picture from my after my run on Monday night. 
kind of small.. but it was nice!

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