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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Treadmill Monotony

It is official, no matter how I try to mix it up I have been much more productive away from the treadmill.

There could be so many reasons...

  • boredom
  • I am trying to go to fast... (disappointing)
  • form
  • boredom
  • heat in the gym (it must be 80 degrees in there)
  • boredom
I use the treadmill because of convenience. It is faster for me to use the treadmill in the gym than it is to run off some place and have to run back. The gym is within 100 yards from my front door... no excuses. 

I try to keep myself entertained with what is on the television, but news... especially morning news, apparently not capturing my interests.  

All that being said, my distances on the treadmill have been low for me at this point in the year.  I would say they were great if it was February, but I have done 4 and 5 mile runs recently. 

Todays run: 2.38 miles / 25 min, walked: .35 miles / 5 min, ran: .46 / 5 min walked: .35 miles / 5 min

humph... a bit deflated

Cross training tomorrow, here I come! 

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