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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Tuesday! (or ?)

Last night I went for a run outside... being cooped up in a gym on a treadmill hasn't been a very easy thing to do lately.

I was finally able get my runkeeper app  working on my phone and was excited since I have 'signed up' for a training program to run a sub 60 10K... whow boy! I wonder if I should have started with the sub 30 5K?? Now that I am in it, I will go for it, plus it can only help put me in the right place for all things Half Marathon related. It has me running 10 miles before I even get to the 10K race day, and it is a 16 week program.  So on and around August 31st I should be almost ready to take on the Half, with just a little over a month to go.

(Did anyone else notice that runkeeper gave themselves a website face lift?  Thoughts?) I am really on the fence about switching to runtastic, hum... 3 years worth of data stored on Runkeeper and the training program vs. an app that functions the way I want it to.  I really just want to invest in a Garmin Forerunner, but that little gem is out of my reach for the time being.

If you want to be my friend on runkeeper: Anniebananie80 (I won't ever really give it up, I might just not use the phone app while running)

The other strange thing I did was put music on my phone in order to hear the queues that the runkeeper app was giving me while I was running.  It actually helped! Getting that update every 5 minutes that I am either way under my goal pace or over was very nice.

All said and done my run was 3.4 miles / 37:14

So here is the bummer... my PF (plantar faciitis) has been acting up again.  I am not overly concerned because I can do stretching and such to make it better.  I am wondering if compression socks might be able to help me at all... from what I could gather they are more about blood flow, but that could help my muscles repair themselves.  My tight calves and lack of arch support might be part of my issue in the first place. Blahh.... I am so far from knowing!

Last thing for today, I was reading Run Eat Repeat, one of my favorite running blogs and Monica's post from today was so great! To great not to share... although, I am pretty sure my follower in numbers, if any, (hello?) can only hope to compare to hers one day! She says everything I was thinking about fat talking. I am guilty, but mostly in the privacy of my own home. Something I need to work on.

Stop the Fat Talk or no one will be your friend

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