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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not OK!

There are a lot of things in 2013 that I am excited about.  Although, I can't seem to get past the amount of tragedy that the world has seen and we are only 5 months into the year.

My heart goes out to all of the people in Oklahoma.

If you have been living under a rock... go here!

Workout: 50 mins / elliptical

Not sure if I have mentioned my ability to get emotional at the sight of anything sad, but it is almost rediculous. It is kind of embarrassing when I am on the treadmill or elliptical and I start welling up and as things have unfolded this year, it seems to be happening a lot. Oddly enough it makes me push a little harder.

I am starting to think that the elliptical is on steroids. It told me today that I burned 1009 calories, seriously?!?! I am not buying it! I know it is just an estimate and without a heart rate monitor (I don't like to hold on to the handles) it is hard to really figure out your burn, but that seems wrong. My other beef with the elliptical is that it gives you mileage.  It doesn't seem real, if I could go 6.66 miles (also unnerving) in 50 minutes felt as good as I did and was still standing after running I would be elated. A sub 8 minute mile, YES Please!

Do you hold the handles or balance on the elliptical?

I guess there isn't any difference in calorie burn either way, one works out your arms and the other your core. I am more of a core person, my arms are abnormally thin compared to the rest of me. Also I feel like I can't go as fast if my arms part of the equation.

Somthing to leave you with... a rainbow around the sun appeared the other day while at lunch with my friends. 

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