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Friday, May 31, 2013

Dr House almost ruined my workout

My runners high didn’t carry over into this morning.  It really is only after those few hours post workout, which I guess is like that extra push you need at the beginning of the day. 

That being said, as for working out this morning, I was more than not feeling it. So I went into pep talk mode, “It is only the elliptical.”  “It really doesn’t have to be for very long, give yourself 30 minutes.”  That is what I did, 30 minutes (32 with a cool down, but who is counting) I was off and did some stretching and off to work I went.  (I feel like I don’t have to bore you with the details of actually getting ready for work)

Workout: 32 minutes Elliptical

IMPORTANT!! How to keep from vomiting on the elliptical.

Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT watch the episode of House where he performs surgery on his own knee in the bathtub while trying to workout… Unless you are a nurse or a doctor or just a blood and guts crazed person. I am just glad my breakfast was relatively minimal.

Running goal for tomorrow, another slow 4 miles!

Tonight a celebratory Lime-Rita thing… Got some great news today at my 9-5 AND I got my prize money from the BL competition. 2013 is getting better and better!

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