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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Keeping up with the Cross Training

Since I have given up on watching the Kardashians I have to keep up with something!

Alright, it has way more to do with the foot healing process that I am been putting so much time in with things other than the threadmill and the road. Tried insoles... didn't feel right and still a little sore.  I guess I can wait for the greater good and not going to lie, I am getting soooo freaking antzy.  I really want to run. I got on the treadmill, felt strong everywhere else, but THE FOOT. Boo.

I moved on and hopped on the stationary bike, I did another 25 minutes.  6 miles plus later and I hit the nautilis machines, stretching, pushups.... blah, blah. Now on to hydration!

This not running situation has left me in a bit of an irritable state. (sad face)

The good news is that Gavin has been doing well with his running and thinks that he will be on board with running a 10K with me in July.  Not that we run together, but having him be part of it makes it that much more fun!

And to brighten up the day! 

Nails done by me! (I know you can tell) 

If anyone is out there, what is your favorite cross training activity?

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