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Thursday, May 23, 2013

From Tomorrow on it is All for Me!

Workout on the Treadmill - 3 miles / 33 minutes (I haven't run in over a week, but room for improvement)

Last year my coworkers made a big deal about doing a biggest loser competition at work. Everyone was so excited about it and the office was a-buzz with all of the weight loss happenings. Of course I didn't join, the buy-in was a $100 (I know it is motivation to lose but also a lot of dough to lose!).

This year I figured why not, I had put on some holiday weight and figured I might be able to take the whole competition. Fail... Unfortunately, I didn't have Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper in this version.

Tomorrow is the weigh in day and the winner is announced. As of right now I am tied for 3rd place, which is a prize holding spot, but I have to hope that the person I am tied with gained weight in the past month... (sad face, I am a horrible person).

On the eve of weigh in day I have come to a realization, I am never going to make this about anyone except myself again.  I will lose weight for ME and only me.  Gavin could care less what weight I am so is there really anyone else that matters. I also don't necessarily want to be skinny, I want to be healthy and toned and be able to run double digits. (For all those Ultra people out there... sorry I have to draw the line somewhere)

That doesn't mean I am throwing in the towel, I did what I could on the treadmill this morning (wish it was more) I didn't want to push too hard just yet, and I really didn't even give myself enough time to do the 33 minutes that I did. Not the mention the foot, still a bit tender. I will also be putting in some serious time on that CRAZY elliptical tomorrow morning!

So lets reevaluate, my goals are to drop some weight, build muscle and run this silly 13.1 miles that is less than 5 months from now.  Oh I forgot to mention those skinny jeans WILL fit again!

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