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Monday, May 20, 2013

Putting my Pant Leg Down

Some of you may know that I am a member of SparkPeople, it is full of great informtion and helpful tools for weight loss, as well as having a community aspect. There are so many articals that are very informative.

I some of the information is recycled so I have received the link to an artical a few times titled "5 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Skinny Jeans" The writer, Nancy Howard, asks the important question, is it movtivating to keep the skinny clothes in your closet or detrimental. She makes some great points, but I am in total denial that this is my situation.

Pharaphrasing her reasons a bit:

  1. The skinny clothes become a reminder of your 'ideal' size and you will beat yourself up over not getting back to that places.  Your self-esteem could be tied to that weight/size.  Things happen (especially with us ladies) weight never seems to redistribute its self the same way.
  2. Mourning the life that once was.  (I will be the first to admit college was a great time of my life... I hold on to it, ok now that you mention it there are a few things that I could get rid of. Although, it still fits!)
  3. When things don't fit and you keep trying you feel like a failure (again, weight comes back in strange places)
  4. Desparate to fit? Desparate measures... unhealthy weight loss is never good!
  5. Trying to get back to that size and connecting that to your happy place might make you feel eternally inadequate. 

So I can understand her point that if this stuff is from a decade ago, then it is time to LET Go!

Jeans in particular, I keep until they are worn through... things that I could have kept from my Glory Days of college are complete rags at this point! When things ware out in the knee it is one thing, but when you lose the crotch... Sayonara Pants!

My confession is that 3 years ago I dropped 25 pounds, had issues with my feet and fell off the wagon, and have been struggling to get back there ever since.  In the time that I was down, I bought my dream pair of Lucky Brand Jeans. (I know I don't aim high, my fashion sense could be considered as 'simple'...) Nothing could beat the high I had in the store when these pants fit me. There are so many stores that I just don't go into for fear that the I would be sent into a serious low by a pair of paints barely coming up past my knee. This was one of those stores, Gavin and I walked in on a whim, and I was feeling confident that day. They were not even the biggest size the store carries!

Of course these pants don't fit me know, they have had their moments back in 2012 I had them on for a breif moment in time with a big thanks to a pair of Spanx (Target brand, again nothing fancy). I really thought the 5 mile run earlier that day would shed the 2 inches that would take for me to go sans Spanx.

Me and my besties on my 30's Birthday... 2010 (you can do the math) I am the one with the white and green necklace and pink shirt, but more important those are the jeans. 

Until these jeans are a decade old or I have had a kid and my bodies shape has totally mutated, then they will stay in my closet and I WILL wear them again. (and not with a rubber band as a loop extender, might have happened.)

Do you keep your "skinny" clothes just in case?

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