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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where did this week go?

Alright so after walking across the entire city of Boston twice on Monday. I have been incredibly lazy.

Not joking, across the city, from Congress Street (Barking Crab) in Southie, alright barely Southie, to Fenway Park (Standing Room "Seats) and then back to the Barking Crab. Saving on parking is overrated. My pedometer (cheap one that my work gave me) had over 16,000 steps I guess it is only about 8 miles.

Alright now that it is all out there, "Anne, really, you signed up for 13.1, suck it up!"

Here are a few pictures from Memorial Day.

First time we had been back in the city since Patriots Day... we will have to stop a bit longer next time.

One of my favorite places, BPL! Strong!

I do enjoy a good selfie (my freakishly long arms are put to good use)

We were on the Bud deck... so far not my favorite SRO tickets

I just really loved this guys camera! 

Enough said, first thing in the AM I either hit the treadmill or run outside!

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